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Mom: Brooke is an independent retailer and coach with LuLaRoe with a team of over 200 amazing ladies all around the country. She loves to inspire confidence and help women everywhere feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin.

Brother: Benton is an awesome 12 year-old who loves to dance, rap, and sing, and has been known to have purple and blue hair from time to time. He has an amazingly unique sense of humor, due in no small part, to his never-ending subjection to his mom and dad’s hilarious before-his-time references and jokes.

Sister: Lyric is an outgoing 9 year-old who has never met a stranger in her life. She also loves to dance, and loves to bake sweet gluten-free desserts with her dad every Saturday, so her GF Momma can enjoy them, too. She loves the people in her life with every ounce of her being, from family to friends, and everyone in between.

Dad: Ryan is an independent lettering artist and designer who has been working for himself for over six years, developing custom letter-based work for companies like Google, Samsung, Target, Hallmark, LaCroix, Hershey, and many, many more. One of his passions for the future is crusading against the abandoning of cursive writing instruction in school, and taking up the mantle of keeping the knowledge alive where schools won’t.


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Instagram: @lularoe_brooke_hamrick
Twitter: @BrookeHamrick

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Instagram: @Hamrick
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