Curves Ahead Tour


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Announcing the Curves Ahead Tour: Summer 2017


We're the Hamricks. We live in Austin, Texas, and are beyond excited to announce an incredibly fun adventure we’re undertaking this summer.

We’ve decided to keep the kids out of summer camps this year, and do something far more memorable instead. For 40 days in July and August, we’ll be embarking on a 15-city, 8,000-mile nationwide tour of LuLaRoe popup parties, and in-depth lettering workshops!

Brooke Hamrick is a coach with LuLaRoe, with a team over over 200 women, thousands of customers all around the country, and a nearly 2,000-piece inventory. Ryan Hamrick is a prolific lettering artist and designer who has worked independently on projects with companies like Google, Samsung, Target, Hallmark, LaCroix, and Hershey, just to name a few.

Together, we'll be coming to 15 different cities, selling beautiful clothing and teaching the art of lettering. We're thrilled about the chance for our kids to see far more of the country than they ever have before, to better experience what exactly their parents do, and be a part of the excitement of running your own business, taking control of your life, and being adventurous and bold.

Our tight, meticulously structured schedule gives us enough time in each stop on our tour for a workshop, a popup, time to visit with friends and family that we have around the country, and plenty of time to make this an unforgettable experience for our kids with more fun, touristy stuff, too. If you're on our route, and are interested in helping us pull off one of our events in your city, please reach out and see if we still need partners where you are!

We're also working to establish partnerships with businesses around the country as well, that would like to be a part of our journey. So whether you represent a hotel or restaurant chain, a design group, or even a company with space for a workshop in your town, whatever, we'd love hear from you, too.

To follow along with our epic trip, you can follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and subscribe to our newsletter, where we'll even be sending location-tailored updates so you can know specifically what's happening and when in your area!