Curves Ahead Tour



We're so excited about this trip. There's a ton that goes into planning and executing such a massive undertaking like this. Just trying to schedule and plan 30 different events in 15 cities between our workshops and popups, at very specific dates and times is tricky enough, let alone figuring out what to do with our two cats and two dogs for 40 straight days while we're gone! Long story short, we're not averse to help in making the most of this trip! If you're a company or brand that would like to be a part of our crazy adventure by sponsoring it in some way that you feel would be a good fit, we'd love to hear from you!

Just interested in hosting a LuLaRoe popup or lettering workshop in one of the cities on our tour? Let us know about that here, too!

We're a pretty enterprising family, but we love our friends, too, and big projects are always a bit more fun when friends are involved. Join us in making this the summer event of a lifetime!